Friday, January 8, 2010

BlackBerry V/S iPhone (Part 2)


The iPhone

The iPhone is a brand of phone that is designed by Apple. The same Apple company that designs iPods. Apple announced the iPhone in 2007. And it immediately grew in hype, because everyone was expecting a killer phone especially because they already had a killer media player (iPod). iPhone started its sales in June 2007. And immediately it was awarded Time Magazine's Invention of the Year award in 2007. So far only 3 models of iPhones have been in the market and it already captures 50% of the American smartphone market. The iPhone is a fully touch oriented phone, with no keypad.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hands on 27" iMac from a Windows Convert!

Hello all,

I come from a Windows Background. Been using the Windows all my life. Hated Mac users, thought they were just spoilt rich kids paying over the roof for something you would get cheaper in the PC world.

Then i got fed up of my home built Quad core , 8 GB machine. It was a powerful system , by every time i tried to edit a large sized movie, it would hang on me. And i always kept my windows in tip top shape with optimizing and cleaning weekly. So i realized what good is a high end computer, when it wouldn't let me do multimedia editing. I had NEVER moved the mouse on an OSX, But i still decided to sell and get a Mac. It would give me a chance to explore OSX and prove my point that Mac is NOT superior to Windows.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

BlackBerry V/S iPhone

Dear Readers, 

During my holiday break, many people saw me browsing through my iPhone and asked me a question, why don't you use the Blackberry. And many even asked me, i have a Blackberry, what benefits will the iPhone give me. I'll try to give you just the basic advantages of both these devices so that you can make an informed decision the next time you plan to buy it.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Windows 7 Mini-Review (Part 2) - User Interface

Dear Readers,

If you have been using Windows Vista , you will be confused as to what Windows 7 has to offer in terms of User interface. Windows 7, looks mostly like Windows Vista. But there are a few upgrades which makes 7 a very user friendly OS. And it makes the workflow a smoother one for those who use computers on a daily base.
When Vista was released, the looks were a positive upgrade over XP, but creating a highly graphical OS had its negative effects, which was its performance. So Microsoft tried their level best in tweaking the graphic stack, in which they succeeded and Windows 7 can finally be called Smooth n Sexy OS!

So what all makes Windows 7 "Smooth n Sexy"?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Why use Liquid Cooling in Computers.

Dear Readers,

For the past 3 years, i have had a personal hobby to create high end desktops with Liquid Cooling System (LCS). Most of the people think LCS is just for bling bling effect, which is only half truth. LCS plays a major role in keeping my computer running smooth and stable by cooling it efficiently.

I will try me best to simplify this article as best as i can.

What is Computer Cooling?
Computer Cooling is a way to keep your computer processor (the brain), cool. Because the processor is made up with millions of electric transistors which generate heat when operating. And faster processors mean more the transistors, hence extra heat generated. If the CPU is not kept at operable temperatures, then system failure is imminent and the lifetime of the CPU is drastically shortened. While there are many ways to cool the processor, the most common is Air-Cooling. For air-cooling, the processor comes in contact with a heat sink, which removes heat from the processor and transfer it to its aluminum block, and then on top of that bock is a fan, which removes heat from the heat sink. And the cycle continues, hence your CPU has less heat, and is operating at reasonable temperatures.
The main setback with air-cooling is that the fans are NOISY. And if your processor is running at maximum load, then the heat produced is high, and that results into fans running at its fastest speeds to remove the access heat. Another disadvantage of air-cooling is Dust. If the fans accumulate dust, it will not efficiently cool the processor.

Windows 7 Mini-Review (Part 1)

Dear Readers,

Windows 7 is a very large topic to write about, and it can certainly not be written in 1 day, and within 1 mail. so i am going to write this review in parts, as days go by, i will keep on mailing you the follow ups. I might not cover each and every detail of the OS, else it would take me almost a year to complete it, but i will definitely tell you about the points that matter..

What is an iPod?

Dear Readers,

How often have you heard the word iPod. Your kids tell you, they want an iPod, your friend tells you he has an iPod...iPod,iPod,iPod. But what is an iPod?

People usually make a mistake when using the name iPod, they often call every MP3 (Media Player) an iPod. An MP3 player is a digital format music player.

iPod is a BRAND of portable media players which is sold by a company called Apple. There are many companies that make portable media players, like Microsoft have their brand called Zune. Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, Creative, all these companies make Portable Media Players or MP3 Players, but they are NOT called an iPod. It is like in the days of Walkmans. Every portable audio cassette player was being called a Walkman. But that was not correct. Walkman was a brand named by Sony. And iPod is a brand named by Apple.